UMR2: MIDI Input and Output for Vintage Keyboard Synthesizers

The new UMR2 (Universal MIDI Retrofit) adds MIDI input/output functionality to non-velocity-sensitive keyboard synthesizers. Use your vintage keyboard as a sound module that responds to MIDI input or as a MIDI controller that generates MIDI output.

The UMR2 is 100% factory-assembled and supports a wide range of vintage keyboards. It supersedes previous HL MIDI retrofit products including the UMR, CS01-MIDI, VL-1-MIDI, and SKM kits. Installation information is being posted at the UMR2 forum by user request. Please join the forum to discuss the installation for your keyboard model.

Example installation guides:

The UMR2 is available for immediate worldwide shipment. For more information, please visit the ordering FAQ.

Firmware Updates

Firmware has been updated for the MIDISpeak, MIDI2600, MPA, SKM and UMR kits. The updates address an incompatibility with some MIDI controllers & sequencers which can cause an imperfect note response. The recent MSA firmware update also addresses this issue.

Products purchased after February 1, 2008 include the updated firmware. Microcontroller ICs from earlier products may be returned for a free upgrade. Please send email for additional information.

SKM Version 2

The new SKM Version 2 MIDI retrofit for the Casio SK series is now available. The updated SKM kit allows the user to:

  • Trigger SK-1 keys, sample recording and sample looping via MIDI notes
  • Select SK-1 instruments via MIDI Program Change commands
  • Access an SK-1 “Easter egg” instrument
  • Trigger SK-5 keys, rhythm pads, and sample pads via MIDI notes

The new kit also features a lower price than the original SKM.