Galanti Praeludium II console MIDI retrofit

Highly Liquid Forum user Jim U recently completed a MIDI conversion of a Galanti Praeludium II organ console for use with Hauptwerk virtual organ software. Three MIDI CPU units generate MIDI output from manuals, stops and pedals. Four MD24 units drive various LED indicators on the console. Additional project discussion can be found at The Organ Forum.




Vintage Hammond drawbars as MIDI controller for Nord Electro 3

Highly Liquid Forum user cjfox rehoused a set of Hammond drawbars and replaced the original resistor wires with slide pots. Then he used a MIDI CPU to convert the drawbars into a MIDI controller for use with his Nord Electro 3.  The MIDI CPU configuration is posted in the project’s forum thread.


MIDI Automated Pipe Organ Pedals

Bob Harris of Charlottesville, Virginia used two MD24 MIDI decoders and an array of 24-volt solenoids to automate the operation of the pedals on his Flentrop tracker pipe organ.  Cakewalk Music Creator sequences the pedals while the human operator concentrates on the manuals, aided by an MD24-controlled LED metronome.

Bob’s excellent video details the mechanical & electronic operation of the system.  Bob introduced the project at the HL forums in this thread.

Misha Stefanuk’s Theatre Organ

Composer, pianist, teacher, and author Misha V. Stefanuk used the MIDI CPU to create a “serious Wurlitzer style theatre organ console” for use with Hauptwerk virtual organ software.

More information about the project can be found in his article for the American Theatre Organ Society titled “Theatre Organ For Less“.  Misha has also posted a series of videos featuring the organ.

Technical support was provided at the MIDI CPU support forum.  The primary project threads are here and here.