MIDISpeak, MIDI2600 Open-Sourced

The complete designs (PCB, bill of materials, firmware source code) for the discontinued MIDISpeak and MIDI2600 products have been posted under the Creative Commons Attribution license.  The license allows anyone to manufacture these products for personal use or for profit.

The source files can be found at the Highly Liquid Forum:

For those interested in Atari 2600 retrofits, the MD24 (joystick control) or UMR2 (keypad control) can be used.

User Project Roundup, Part 12

MIDISpeak, Gakken SX150, and circuit bent Yamaha RX-8 demo by Squelchbox:

Recycled wood MD24 MIDI-to-trigger box by Unatronics, creator of Beep-It.  (See also: Mike Una’s MIDI CPU based patchable MIDI sequencer):

A MD24 based MIDI-to-trigger box by Osica Bending:

MIDI CPU-based “MIDI Podcaster” MIDI Controller by Spunky Toofers:

Circuit bent Roland TR-505 with MD24 + photorelay “AutoBender” by GumiElectronic:

Circuit bent Yamaha PSS-140 with UMR MIDI retrofit by Matt Kaip:

Yamaha CS01 with CS01-MIDI retrofit, driven by Latronic Norton sequencer:

User Project Roundup, Part 9

Steve, a robot drummer based on the MSA-T MIDI decoder, built by Texas Central Positronics.

Video here, here, and here:

Komega‘s MD24-based Musifore MIDI visualizer:

MIDISpeak / Speak & Spell controlled by Ableton Live.  Video here and here:

A Yamaha CS01 with an installed CS01-MIDI kit, controlled by an x0xb0x:

The latest suitcase SK-1 from The Umbrella Company, with installed UMR for MIDI control:


User Project Roundup, Part 8

exFade‘s modified Synsonics drum machine, MIDI-controlled via MSA-T MIDI decoder:

Bryan Benting’s MIDI-controlled electrical outlets and 48-output MIDI-to-gate box (with MSA-T-driven power relays and two MD24 kits for gate triggers) with MIDI-controlled lighting videos (video 1, video 2):

SYNCHRO‘s externally-housed MIDISpeak installations:

Concretedog‘s MSA-R mini review:

k1ds3ns4t10n‘s MSA-P assembly photos:

User Project Roundup, Part 7

Forum member GoatBoy used the MSA-R to provide MIDI control for an array of solenoid-activated bells.  (Note: The MSA-T and MSA-P may be better choices for solenoid-based projects.)

Spunky Toofers used an Akai EWI 3000 to trigger a MIDISpeak and effects.

Siempre La Luna documented the MIDISpeak assembly process and installation process.

Thomas S. photographed his MIDI Xbox controller for use with music games.

User Project Roundup, Part 6

MIDI-modified Stylophone controlled with a bent TR-505 and MSA-R (Diabolical Devices):

Diabolical Devices MIDI Stylophone

MIDI2600-Internal installation video (Siempre La Luna):

DIY MIDI drum machine incorporating an MSA kit and a Farfisa organ percussion module (Quiet Channel):

MIDISpeak dual-mode installation (Erik Tinberg):

This Is The Sound, the new release from Burnkit2600 which features MSA-R controlled bent percussion:

Custom MSA-R based MIDI control box with video (The Umbrella Company):

User Project Roundup, Part 3

Sciame Uno (Francesco Meneghini and William Bottin), an installation that includes a mechanical chaos generator, MIDI theremin, Grillo Parlante and MIDISpeak:

Swarm One

DIY 8-circuit MIDI lighting controller with power relays controlled by an MSA-T (Graham Meredith):

MSA-T MIDI Light Console

MIDISpeak demo video (EraSer of circuitbend.it):

MIDISpeak Demo Video

A dual-mode (ROM / Keypad) MIDISpeak installation (Cedric Bodereau):

Dual-Mode MIDISpeak Installation

Firmware Updates

Firmware has been updated for the MIDISpeak, MIDI2600, MPA, SKM and UMR kits. The updates address an incompatibility with some MIDI controllers & sequencers which can cause an imperfect note response. The recent MSA firmware update also addresses this issue.

Products purchased after February 1, 2008 include the updated firmware. Microcontroller ICs from earlier products may be returned for a free upgrade. Please send email for additional information.