MIDISpeak, MIDI2600 Open-Sourced

The complete designs (PCB, bill of materials, firmware source code) for the discontinued MIDISpeak and MIDI2600 products have been posted under the Creative Commons Attribution license.  The license allows anyone to manufacture these products for personal use or for profit.

The source files can be found at the Highly Liquid Forum:

For those interested in Atari 2600 retrofits, the MD24 (joystick control) or UMR2 (keypad control) can be used.

User Project Roundup, Part 10

Daren Ager’s modular drum demo, using an MPA MIDI Decoder as an interface between a Machinedrum and modular gear:

Ronin Otter’s UMR / Casio SK-1 installation how-to video (also see Nomeist’s UMR mini-review):

MIDI2600 / Synthcart / Atari 2600 demo video by The Longhorn Engineer (also see this MIDI2600-External enclosure discussion):

Spunkytoofer’s latest noise machine which includes an MSA-R for MIDI control (lots of other devices here):

Stylinghead’s photos of a clever CS01-MIDI internal install by Billy Neenos:

A Boss DR-110 / MD24 MIDI retrofit project from Darren at MakerSpace, Wellington, New Zealand:

User Project Roundup, Part 6

MIDI-modified Stylophone controlled with a bent TR-505 and MSA-R (Diabolical Devices):

Diabolical Devices MIDI Stylophone

MIDI2600-Internal installation video (Siempre La Luna):

DIY MIDI drum machine incorporating an MSA kit and a Farfisa organ percussion module (Quiet Channel):

MIDISpeak dual-mode installation (Erik Tinberg):

This Is The Sound, the new release from Burnkit2600 which features MSA-R controlled bent percussion:

Custom MSA-R based MIDI control box with video (The Umbrella Company):

User Project Roundup, Part 5

Steve Averill’s robot drummer, using the MD24 for MIDI servo control:

Atari 2600 + MIDI2600 + Synthcart + Ableton Live + Modular Synth demo (SYNCHRO):

Bob Lloyd‘s animatronic Halloween program, which uses MSA-T MIDI decoders for MIDI lighting control:

A MIDI retrofit of the Synare Percussion Synth using the MSA-P (the simulacre):

A vintage Ace Tone Rhythm Ace drum machine, MIDI retrofitted by Kerry Bradley using a MIDI2600 kit (Note: the new MD24 is a better choice for this type of project):

Firmware Updates

Firmware has been updated for the MIDISpeak, MIDI2600, MPA, SKM and UMR kits. The updates address an incompatibility with some MIDI controllers & sequencers which can cause an imperfect note response. The recent MSA firmware update also addresses this issue.

Products purchased after February 1, 2008 include the updated firmware. Microcontroller ICs from earlier products may be returned for a free upgrade. Please send email for additional information.

MIDI2600: MIDI Adapter for Atari 2600

The new MIDI2600 kit translates MIDI data into Atari 2600 joystick & keypad control signals. It provides instant MIDI control for Synthcart and creates possibilities for scripted game performances via MIDI sequencer.

The MIDI2600 works with any Atari 2600 console and is compatible with any cartridge that uses joystick or keypad input. The internal version is hardwired inside the console, while the external version connects via joystick cables.