Boss DR-110 “Dr. Rhythm” MIDI Retrofit

Requests for information about retrofitting the Boss DR-110 drum machine are increasingly common.  Several Highly Liquid customers have successfully completed a MIDI retrofit using an MSA-P or MD24 MIDI decoder.  Here are two forum threads with links to several projects:

Special thanks to all of the users who take the time to document their projects–the information is invaluable to the DIY community.

As always, please join the forums for technical support and project consultation.

Tim Laursen’s Robot Drum Creation

Tim Laursen combined a power supply, drum machine, mixer, MSA-R MIDI decoder, Darlington drivers, and a collection of individually miked, solenoid-actuated drums.  The result is “Double Rainbow”, a complete mobile robot drum system.

Some technical details can be found in this forum thread.  Tim’s work also appears in this video from Sequence of Waves.

User Project Roundup, Part 10

Daren Ager’s modular drum demo, using an MPA MIDI Decoder as an interface between a Machinedrum and modular gear:

Ronin Otter’s UMR / Casio SK-1 installation how-to video (also see Nomeist’s UMR mini-review):

MIDI2600 / Synthcart / Atari 2600 demo video by The Longhorn Engineer (also see this MIDI2600-External enclosure discussion):

Spunkytoofer’s latest noise machine which includes an MSA-R for MIDI control (lots of other devices here):

Stylinghead’s photos of a clever CS01-MIDI internal install by Billy Neenos:

A Boss DR-110 / MD24 MIDI retrofit project from Darren at MakerSpace, Wellington, New Zealand:

User Project Roundup, Part 9

Steve, a robot drummer based on the MSA-T MIDI decoder, built by Texas Central Positronics.

Video here, here, and here:

Komega‘s MD24-based Musifore MIDI visualizer:

MIDISpeak / Speak & Spell controlled by Ableton Live.  Video here and here:

A Yamaha CS01 with an installed CS01-MIDI kit, controlled by an x0xb0x:

The latest suitcase SK-1 from The Umbrella Company, with installed UMR for MIDI control:

User Project Roundup, Part 8

exFade‘s modified Synsonics drum machine, MIDI-controlled via MSA-T MIDI decoder:

Bryan Benting’s MIDI-controlled electrical outlets and 48-output MIDI-to-gate box (with MSA-T-driven power relays and two MD24 kits for gate triggers) with MIDI-controlled lighting videos (video 1, video 2):

SYNCHRO‘s externally-housed MIDISpeak installations:

Concretedog‘s MSA-R mini review:

k1ds3ns4t10n‘s MSA-P assembly photos:

User Project Roundup, Part 6

MIDI-modified Stylophone controlled with a bent TR-505 and MSA-R (Diabolical Devices):

Diabolical Devices MIDI Stylophone

MIDI2600-Internal installation video (Siempre La Luna):

DIY MIDI drum machine incorporating an MSA kit and a Farfisa organ percussion module (Quiet Channel):

MIDISpeak dual-mode installation (Erik Tinberg):

This Is The Sound, the new release from Burnkit2600 which features MSA-R controlled bent percussion:

Custom MSA-R based MIDI control box with video (The Umbrella Company):

User Project Roundup, Part 5

Steve Averill’s robot drummer, using the MD24 for MIDI servo control:

Atari 2600 + MIDI2600 + Synthcart + Ableton Live + Modular Synth demo (SYNCHRO):

Bob Lloyd‘s animatronic Halloween program, which uses MSA-T MIDI decoders for MIDI lighting control:

A MIDI retrofit of the Synare Percussion Synth using the MSA-P (the simulacre):

A vintage Ace Tone Rhythm Ace drum machine, MIDI retrofitted by Kerry Bradley using a MIDI2600 kit (Note: the new MD24 is a better choice for this type of project):