UMR2: MIDI Input and Output for Vintage Keyboard Synthesizers

The new UMR2 (Universal MIDI Retrofit) adds MIDI input/output functionality to non-velocity-sensitive keyboard synthesizers. Use your vintage keyboard as a sound module that responds to MIDI input or as a MIDI controller that generates MIDI output.

The UMR2 is 100% factory-assembled and supports a wide range of vintage keyboards. It supersedes previous HL MIDI retrofit products including the UMR, CS01-MIDI, VL-1-MIDI, and SKM kits. Installation information is being posted at the UMR2 forum by user request. Please join the forum to discuss the installation for your keyboard model.

Example installation guides:

The UMR2 is available for immediate worldwide shipment. For more information, please visit the ordering FAQ.

User Project Roundup, Part 12

MIDISpeak, Gakken SX150, and circuit bent Yamaha RX-8 demo by Squelchbox:

Recycled wood MD24 MIDI-to-trigger box by Unatronics, creator of Beep-It.  (See also: Mike Una’s MIDI CPU based patchable MIDI sequencer):

A MD24 based MIDI-to-trigger box by Osica Bending:

MIDI CPU-based “MIDI Podcaster” MIDI Controller by Spunky Toofers:

Circuit bent Roland TR-505 with MD24 + photorelay “AutoBender” by GumiElectronic:

Circuit bent Yamaha PSS-140 with UMR MIDI retrofit by Matt Kaip:

Yamaha CS01 with CS01-MIDI retrofit, driven by Latronic Norton sequencer:

User Project Roundup, Part 11

Bryan Benting‘s MSA-R based DIY relay modules and modular synth demo video:

Low-Gain Audio CS01-MIDI install:

Graeme’s MSA-T based studio recording light for use with Apple Logic 9:

The Piano Monster, an MD-24 based “piano-tickling” robot by Ranjit Bhatnagar.  More here:

Kaseo‘s MSA-R experiments include MIDI-controlled fluorescent lights, pencil sharpener, and turntable.

Kaseo’s custom MSA-R enclosure:

User Project Roundup, Part 10

Daren Ager’s modular drum demo, using an MPA MIDI Decoder as an interface between a Machinedrum and modular gear:

Ronin Otter’s UMR / Casio SK-1 installation how-to video (also see Nomeist’s UMR mini-review):

MIDI2600 / Synthcart / Atari 2600 demo video by The Longhorn Engineer (also see this MIDI2600-External enclosure discussion):

Spunkytoofer’s latest noise machine which includes an MSA-R for MIDI control (lots of other devices here):

Stylinghead’s photos of a clever CS01-MIDI internal install by Billy Neenos:

A Boss DR-110 / MD24 MIDI retrofit project from Darren at MakerSpace, Wellington, New Zealand:

User Project Roundup, Part 9

Steve, a robot drummer based on the MSA-T MIDI decoder, built by Texas Central Positronics.

Video here, here, and here:

Komega‘s MD24-based Musifore MIDI visualizer:

MIDISpeak / Speak & Spell controlled by Ableton Live.  Video here and here:

A Yamaha CS01 with an installed CS01-MIDI kit, controlled by an x0xb0x:

The latest suitcase SK-1 from The Umbrella Company, with installed UMR for MIDI control: