MSA Firmware 3.2 Available with New Features for Guitar Applications

Based on feedback from users who have used the MSA-P, MSA-R, and MSA-T to build MIDI-controlled guitar amp & effects switchers, new firmware has been released that allows the user to:

  • Store and recall compound MSA output states (presets) using MIDI commands from any footswitch (program change, CC, or note).
  • Change individual MSA output states independently using specific CC or note commands.
  • Specify that certain MSA outputs respond to both preset recall and individual control, while other MSA outputs respond only to individual control.

The MSA (“MIDI Switch Array”) is a MIDI decoder with 8 on/off outputs that respond to almost type of MIDI input message.  It operates from a 9V battery or other 9VDC power supply.  The MSA-P and MSA-R offer SPST relay output.  The MSA-T offers NPN transistor output for relay or solenoid control.