MIDISpeak, MIDI2600 Open-Sourced

The complete designs (PCB, bill of materials, firmware source code) for the discontinued MIDISpeak and MIDI2600 products have been posted under the Creative Commons Attribution license.  The license allows anyone to manufacture these products for personal use or for profit.

The source files can be found at the Highly Liquid Forum:

For those interested in Atari 2600 retrofits, the MD24 (joystick control) or UMR2 (keypad control) can be used.

4 thoughts on “MIDISpeak, MIDI2600 Open-Sourced”

  1. Folks, please pardon my ignorance, but what exactly is a MIDISpeak, what is it for, and why is it important to electronic musicians and hackers?

    Chances are, I have overlooked something painfully obvious here, but I have never heard of this particular gadget before.


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