Great American Horn Machine Appearing at Detroit Maker Faire July 28-29 2012

The “World’s Loudest Mobile Musical Instrument”, The Great American Horn Machine (YouTube, Facebook), is louder than ever and returns to the Henry Ford Museum this weekend for Maker Faire Detroit.

The machine’s creator, Dana Dolfi, recently fielded an interview with Make. Best quote:

“What inspired you to make the Great American Horn Machine and how long did it take to build?

It’s an evolution. It started out as a display rig for my steam whistle and horn collection. This question kinda makes me laugh because you’re assuming I’m done building it. Heck, it’s just getting started.” (emphasis added)

We can’t wait to hear the evolution continue.  The Great American Horn Machine utilizes Highly Liquid MIDI Decoders for MIDI valve control. Dana goes by the username captofchaos at the Highly Liquid Forum.