MIDI Organ Conversions by Encore Organ Technology

Randy Moe of Encore Organ Technology uses the MIDI CPU for MIDI conversions of vintage organ consoles.  A MIDI organ console combined with virtual organ software like Hauptwerk can re-create the sounds of some of the world’s finest organs at a fraction of the cost.

Encore, based in Plymouth, Minnesota, creates virtual organ systems for both home and church.

Randy has completed 14 full MIDI conversions, including consoles made by Rogers, Allen, Conn, and Kilgen.  He writes:

“I’ve tried midi encoders from a couple of other vendors, but I’ve settled on the Highly Liquid boards because they’re very flexible and cost effective, and–once I learned how to use them–quite easy to work with.”

A gallery of converted consoles can be found at the Encore products page.  For more information, contact Randy at info@encoreorgan.com.

Misha Stefanuk’s Theatre Organ

Composer, pianist, teacher, and author Misha V. Stefanuk used the MIDI CPU to create a “serious Wurlitzer style theatre organ console” for use with Hauptwerk virtual organ software.

More information about the project can be found in his article for the American Theatre Organ Society titled “Theatre Organ For Less“.  Misha has also posted a series of videos featuring the organ.

Technical support was provided at the MIDI CPU support forum.  The primary project threads are here and here.