User Project Roundup, Part 12

MIDISpeak, Gakken SX150, and circuit bent Yamaha RX-8 demo by Squelchbox:

Recycled wood MD24 MIDI-to-trigger box by Unatronics, creator of Beep-It.  (See also: Mike Una’s MIDI CPU based patchable MIDI sequencer):

A MD24 based MIDI-to-trigger box by Osica Bending:

MIDI CPU-based “MIDI Podcaster” MIDI Controller by Spunky Toofers:

Circuit bent Roland TR-505 with MD24 + photorelay “AutoBender” by GumiElectronic:

Circuit bent Yamaha PSS-140 with UMR MIDI retrofit by Matt Kaip:

Yamaha CS01 with CS01-MIDI retrofit, driven by Latronic Norton sequencer:

Howto: Build a Cigar Box MIDI Controller for Max/MSP

The previous howto described the process of making a jumbo-sized MIDI controller. In this howto, the MIDI CPU is used to make a more compact device: a cigar box MIDI controller that can control Max/MSP (and any other MIDI software or hardware).

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Select a suitable cigar box.
  2. Select the control hardware.
  3. Design the cutouts for the top & back panels.
  4. Cut the cigar box with a laser cutter.
  5. Create the MIDI CPU wiring diagram.
  6. Mount and wire the controls.
  7. Configure the MIDI CPU.
  8. Connect the completed controller to a computer running Max.

This zip file includes the parts list (Open Office .ods), design drawings (Corel Draw .cdr & .png) and MIDI SysEx files (.txt and binary .syx) used in the project. Discuss this howto at the forums.

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