“Living Schematic” MIDI CPU Demo at CIF Open House

As of January 2011, Highly Liquid has moved into a studio at Columbus Idea Foundry, a rapidly growing hacker/art space and community workshop.

Guests at Saturday’s CIF open house encountered this:

The front wall of the studio is painted with an oversize MIDI CPU wiring diagram, similar to those posted at the MIDI CPU support forum.  Actual controls (29 buttons, two knobs, and a photoresistor) have been mounted on the corresponding schematic symbols (switches, potentiometers, and variable resistor).

Inside the studio, the controls are wired to a MIDI CPU as shown by the diagram.  MIDI output from the MIDI CPU drives a Korg Electribe-R and Roland MT-32.  The resulting audio signals are mixed, amplified, and routed to overhead speakers–completing the interactive “loop”.

Visitors generated a variety of musical sounds by experimenting with the controls.

Technical details of the project have been posted here.

Photos by Amy Glass

Update–YouTube video: