Sqwerl: New MSA Configuration Utility for Mac & Windows

Wabbit Wanch Design has created Sqwerl, a sequel to Moose.  Use Sqwerl to configure the new Rev K MSA (-P, -R, -T).

Sqwerl can:

  • Auto-detect the configuration and firmware version of your MSA
  • Automatically reconfigure your MSA via an intuitive graphical interface
  • Send MIDI commands to test your configuration
  • Upgrade the firmware on your MSA

Sqwerl is free to download and available for both Mac and Windows.  Strongly recommended for all MSA users.

MSA Firmware Version 3.1

The firmware for the Rev K MSA (-P, -R, -T) has been updated.  This is a minor release with the following changes:

  • Fixed formatting of the SysEx “ID Reply” message sent by the MSA
  • Fixed bug in preset store/recall functionality for presets 64-127
  • Added SysEx command for 128-preset “configuration dump”

The new firmware manual and firmware upgrade SysEx can be found at each of the MSA product pages.  The links:

MSA firmware can now be upgraded using the Sqwerl MSA configuration utility from Wabbit Wanch Design.

Please post any questions, comments, or feature requests for future updates at the MSA support forum.