Build Your Own Guitar Pedal Switcher

Mel at Wabbit Wanch Design combined an MSA-R MIDI decoder, DPDT relays, and a rackmount enclosure to build the “iPatch”: an 8-channel guitar pedal switcher.  Thanks to the MSA, the switcher can respond to MIDI program, CC, or note commands for preset recall or individual loop control.

Mel provided details and photos in his write-up at the Highly Liquid Forums.

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New MSA MIDI Decoder

The new MSA MIDI decoder accepts MIDI input and can control a variety of devices in response to MIDI messages.

Use each output of the MSA-P & MSA-R as you would use an SPST switch.  Use the MSA-T to control a variety of DC loads including solenoids, motors, LEDs, incandescent bulbs, or power relays.

Features of the new design include:

  • Easier programming via optional “learn” method
  • LED indicator for each output circuit
  • A variety of output modes based on user suggestions
  • User-upgradable firmware