MSA MIDI Decoder Update

The MSA MIDI decoder has been redesigned.  The new version will ship in November, and will be available in the familiar -P (photorelay), -R (reed relay), and -T (NPN Darlington) output varieties.

The new design features several improvements, including:

  • LED indicator for each output circuit
  • Configure the unit via SysEx or via a new “learn” method
  • New output modes
  • User-upgradable firmware

The new MSA will ship either fully assembled or “mostly assembled”.  At most, the user will have to solder the output elements, LEDs, and terminal blocks.

Preliminary documentation and other information will be posted at the MSA support forum.

Below are the feature diagram & mechanical drawing for the MSA-R.

User Project Roundup, Part 11

Bryan Benting‘s MSA-R based DIY relay modules and modular synth demo video:

Low-Gain Audio CS01-MIDI install:

Graeme’s MSA-T based studio recording light for use with Apple Logic 9:

The Piano Monster, an MD-24 based “piano-tickling” robot by Ranjit Bhatnagar.  More here:

Kaseo‘s MSA-R experiments include MIDI-controlled fluorescent lights, pencil sharpener, and turntable.

Kaseo’s custom MSA-R enclosure: