MIDI CPU Firmware Version 1.2

The MIDI CPU firmware has been updated.

This update includes all functionality from the previous version, plus:

  • 7-segment LED numerical display support for values of up to 3 digits (up to 8 digits total)
  • 8-segment LED “bar graph” display support
  • Support for a mixture of up to 64 indicator LEDs, numerical segments, or bar graph segments
  • Real-time adjustable note transposition
  • Logic input “CC toggle” modes useful for foot switch & other controllers
  • MIDI note, CC and program remapping

Firmware upgrade instructions can be found in the firmware user manual.  The manual and the firmware update SysEx file can be found at the MIDI CPU product page.

Features in this update were requested by users at the MIDI CPU support forum.  If you have feature requests, please join the forum and participate in the ongoing discussion.  A discussion of version 1.3 will begin shortly.

2010 Maker Faire Detroit

Several “makers” at the recent Maker Faire Detroit demonstrated projects that incorporate Highly Liquid MIDI decoders.  For more photos, see the new Highly Liquid Photostream at Flickr.

Chip Flynn (Apetechnology) brought several robots, including an MSA-R controlled string instrument (background left):

Dana Dolfi demonstrated the MSA-T controlled Great American Horn Machine:

Dave Kadlitz performed with his MSA-R & MSA-T controlled mechanical drum machine, the “Waits-o-Matic 9000″:

Michael Una performed with an MD24-synced DIY sequencer: