MIDI CPU Firmware Version 1.1

The MIDI CPU firmware has been updated.  The new version is recommended for all users.

This update includes all functionality from the previous version, plus:

  • Support for up to 16 indicator LEDs in a 4×4 matrix
  • New logic input modes useful for the implementation of various MIDI controllers, including foot switch controllers

The update also includes fixes for two bugs in the version 1.0 firmware:

  • Certain control terminal configurations are not stored correctly.
  • The “running status” implementation prevents the re-sending of status bytes despite periods of inactivity.

Firmware upgrade instructions can be found in the firmware user manual.  The manual and the firmware update SysEx file can be found at the MIDI CPU product page.

Features in this update were requested by users at the MIDI CPU support forum.  If you have feature requests, please join the forum and participate in the ongoing discussion.