User Project Roundup, Part 10

Daren Ager’s modular drum demo, using an MPA MIDI Decoder as an interface between a Machinedrum and modular gear:

Ronin Otter’s UMR / Casio SK-1 installation how-to video (also see Nomeist’s UMR mini-review):

MIDI2600 / Synthcart / Atari 2600 demo video by The Longhorn Engineer (also see this MIDI2600-External enclosure discussion):

Spunkytoofer’s latest noise machine which includes an MSA-R for MIDI control (lots of other devices here):

Stylinghead’s photos of a clever CS01-MIDI internal install by Billy Neenos:

A Boss DR-110 / MD24 MIDI retrofit project from Darren at MakerSpace, Wellington, New Zealand:

MPA Firmware Update (V1.4)

MPA Firmware Version 1.4 is now available.  The new features are:

  • User configurable power-up states for all outputs
  • CC “on/off” mode for logic outputs
  • “Any note” modes for logic outputs (output responds to any note number)
  • Device is pre-configured with a “factory default” configuration

Complete details can be found in the firmware user manual, linked at the product page.