User Project Roundup, Part 6

MIDI-modified Stylophone controlled with a bent TR-505 and MSA-R (Diabolical Devices):

Diabolical Devices MIDI Stylophone

MIDI2600-Internal installation video (Siempre La Luna):

DIY MIDI drum machine incorporating an MSA kit and a Farfisa organ percussion module (Quiet Channel):

MIDISpeak dual-mode installation (Erik Tinberg):

This Is The Sound, the new release from Burnkit2600 which features MSA-R controlled bent percussion:

Custom MSA-R based MIDI control box with video (The Umbrella Company):

User Project Roundup, Part 5

Steve Averill’s robot drummer, using the MD24 for MIDI servo control:

Atari 2600 + MIDI2600 + Synthcart + Ableton Live + Modular Synth demo (SYNCHRO):

Bob Lloyd‘s animatronic Halloween program, which uses MSA-T MIDI decoders for MIDI lighting control:

A MIDI retrofit of the Synare Percussion Synth using the MSA-P (the simulacre):

A vintage Ace Tone Rhythm Ace drum machine, MIDI retrofitted by Kerry Bradley using a MIDI2600 kit (Note: the new MD24 is a better choice for this type of project):