MD24: 24-Output MIDI Decoder with Servo Control

The new MD24 MIDI decoder accepts MIDI input from a keyboard, sequencer, or other MIDI controller and in response generates up to 24 independent output signals.

Each output can provide either a general-purpose on/off trigger or a PWM servo control signal.

Features include:

  • 24 x Independent 5V digital logic output
  • Control via MIDI note, CC, program change, and other messages
  • User-configurable MIDI response and PWM signal characteristics
  • Compatibility with RC servos
  • Standard MIDI IN and MIDI THRU ports
  • PCB-mount MIDI connectors or optional remote connectors
  • Output solder terminals with optional solderless terminal blocks
  • Standard 26-pin output header for connection via ribbon cable

The MD24 is available either as a kit or fully assembled.  PDF documentation is available at the product page.

MD24 MIDI Decoder

MD24 MIDI Decoder

Rock Band MIDI Drum Mod FAQ

What does the Rock Band MIDI Drum Mod allow me to do?

The mod allows you to play Rock Band using any electronic drum set that has a MIDI output.

Where can I find a how-to or guide for this mod?

What do I need to purchase?

Most customers have purchased the MSA-P to provide the MIDI functionality for the mod.

Is the MSA-P in stock?

Unless indicated otherwise on the product page or by the shopping cart, all products are in stock.

What special instructions do I need to give Highly Liquid when I place my order?


Do I need special firmware for my MSA-P?

No. The current production firmware supports the mod.

Will the terminal blocks be mounted on my MSA-P before shipment?

If both an MSA Terminal Block Set and assembly service have been purchased, yes. No special instructions are required.

When will my order ship?

The shopping cart will calculate the shipment date for your order. Unless specified othersise, non-assembled orders ship within one business day, and assembled orders ship within two business days. You will receive a confirmation email with tracking information when your order ships.

How do I configure the MIDI response of my MSA-P?

MIDI configuration is described in the MSA firmware user manual, linked from the MSA-P product page. For more information about sending a SysEx configuration message from your computer, see the MIDI SysEx How-To.

What if I have other questions?

Post your questions at the forums.