Firmware Updates

Firmware has been updated for the MIDISpeak, MIDI2600, MPA, SKM and UMR kits. The updates address an incompatibility with some MIDI controllers & sequencers which can cause an imperfect note response. The recent MSA firmware update also addresses this issue.

Products purchased after February 1, 2008 include the updated firmware. Microcontroller ICs from earlier products may be returned for a free upgrade. Please send email for additional information.

MSA Firmware Update

Firmware for the MSA-P, MSA-R, and MSA-T MIDI decoder kits has been updated.

Included are new “note trigger” output modes which generate fixed-length pulses independent of note length. Pulse length is user-defined in 0.5 millisecond increments within a range from approximately 0 to 8 seconds. Output modes from previous firmware versions are retained.

Special thanks to the beta testers of this update.