UMR: Universal MIDI Retrofit

The new UMR kit adds a MIDI input to large range of “scanned matrix” keyboards. Most non-velocity sensitive keyboards are of the scanned matrix type.

Installation has been documented for the following keyboard models:

  • Casio DM-100
  • Casio MT-210
  • Casio RAP-1 (Rapman)
  • Yamaha VSS-30

Documentation for additional keyboard models will be posted as installations are performed.

The UMR is not compatible with the Yamaha CS01. There may be a CS01 kit in the future.
UMR: Universal MIDI Retrofit

New DB-25 Panel Mount Kits

New DB-25 Panel Mount Kits are available. The updated aluminum plates were cut by water jet, resulting in an improved appearance. The dimensions have not changed. Female connector and male connector versions. Plates also available as a separate item.
DB-25 Panel Mount Kit