MPA: MIDI-to-Potentiometer Kit

The new MPA kit is a flexible MIDI decoder. Applications include DIY filter circuits, circuit bending, and MIDI-to-DIN sync conversion. Features include:

  • 4 x MIDI-controlled potentiometer output
  • 8 x MIDI-controlled digital logic output
  • Easy configuration via a single MIDI system exclusive message
  • Power & activity indicator LEDs
  • 1 x MIDI In port; 2 x MIDI Thru port

The potentiometer outputs provide variable resistance in 128 steps from approximately 100Ω to nominal values of 10kΩ, 50kΩ or 100kΩ. MIDI response is real-time.

Each potentiometer output responds independently by MIDI channel and message type. Control options include note number, note velocity, controller (“control change”; includes modulation wheel, breath controller, sliders), channel pressure, pitch wheel, and program change. The digital logic outputs can be configured to respond to note, program change, or sync messages.

The MPA has the same compact form factor as the MSA kit, and is compatible with inexpensive SERPAC S-Series (x5x) enclosures.

MPA MIDI Decoder